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INSANITY Workout 2016… Fitness Test #1 (I only died a little bit, and this ain’t even the actual workout yet!)

How did I begin my FIRST Monday of the New Year?Guess!!! No, seriously... take a guess... … [Read More...]

PINCHme: Try New Products, Totally Free!

If you love trying new products and getting FREE STUFF as much as I do, you'll absolutely love and … [Read More...]

Promises are NOT Meant to be Broken

I was observing a mom struggling with her little one at the store... he was perhaps about 7 years … [Read More...]

Not Everything I Post Is About You.

It's been a very busy 2 months, working out a healthy schedule to fit in my new business projects. … [Read More...]

Free Printable: Weekly Goals Chart For Kids

Here’s a free Goal Achievement Chart to help organize action steps and monitor progress!Click the link below to Download: … [more...]

Free Printable: Goal Achievement Chart for Kids

Teaching children to set goals and how to work to achieve them also encourages perseverance by helping our little ones learn that even if they fail at first, they have the power to get back up and try … [more...]

Celebrating My 8th Year Anniversary!

 On October 2, 2006, I unexpectedly became a SINGLE MOMMY.Like many girls, I had plans for exactly how I wanted my family life to be. The hubs & I will have a dozen kids (JRoc's such an … [more...]

25 Secret Parenting Tips You Won’t Find in Conventional Parenting Books

I’m sure the majority of parents will agree that being a mom or dad is one of the most amazing and life-fulfilling roles you’ve ever experienced!But you know what would make your experience even … [more...]

10 Compassionate Ways to Support Loved Ones Suffering from Depression

Depression is a very serious, isolating, but treatable disorder that affects millions of people of all ages from all walks of life. Depression causes tremendous emotional and physical pain, hurting … [more...]

So I Finally Deleted His Voicemails.

Scratch that. I finally deleted THEIR voicemails.I recently decided to pass my iPhone on to my kid after I upgrade to an iPhone 6 (whenever it comes out). So naturally, I started looking through … [more...]

If You’re Going To Surgically Enhance… Do It With Conviction.

I'm pretty sure I know more people who have had their lips, cheekbones, butt, boobies, calves, and more "done" than I can count on both hands. And although I don't support this practice, I say, "To … [more...]

Sometimes I Still Have “Words” With My EX-HUBS About Being A Father… In My Head.

Haven't spoken to him in years. And it's been over 7 years since we first split. Yet sometimes, I still find myself having a "word" with him in my head.Especially when I see other fathers … [more...]

Why I Don’t Give Relationship Advice…

I'm more than happy to offer help in the Divorce Survival department. I'm especially fond of the the Raising Kids area. I've also been known to offer some pretty kick-azz advice when it comes to … [more...]

Need to Forget About a Hot Ex? Here’s My Quick Solution.

This is a quickie. The good kinda quickie too... without the emotional mess that's usually involved.Have you ever had your heart broken... and as much as you tried to move on, you just could not … [more...]

Why I Deleted My Biggest Crush from Facebook… and Everywhere Else.

So there was this guy... kinda had a crush on him for what felt like forever... and he seemed to fancy me right back. We've had a few really fun conversations on the phone, but he opted to TEXTING the … [more...]

Children Learn What They Live

This is a poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. I've always loved this, and swore to live by this for my children, even before I became a mommy...Enjoy! xoxo … [more...]

How I’ve Been Slackin’ Off All Week… or Three (03.16.14)

The Ninja Mom Podcast:Y'all didn't know I have a PODCAST, did ya? Well I do and I would be doing a great disservice if I continued keeping it a secret from you... so come check me out because I'd … [more...]

Being a Perfect Mommy is Overrated Anyway.

So I thought I was all "Wonder Mom" because I make my kid breakfast every morning. And home schooling an academically gifted child ain't a walk in the park either... especially since I'm not even … [more...]

Dear Carmen: Why Do I Keep Having to Remind Him That I’m Still Here?

Dear Carmen,I feel so silly writing to you about this, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for a little over 5 months and it feels like he's … [more...]

Podcast #1: When Social Media, Trigger Self Esteem Issues – and the 4 actions you can take to turn this ICKINESS into something positive!

   Well, this is kinda cool... I've done business & marketing podcasts, but it's my first time doing a more personal one... so this should be fun!Today we're talking about: … [more...]

When You’re Strong… No One Asks If You’re Okay

I receive texts, voicemails, emails, facebook messages, etc. all day long... every single day. Majority of them start off as...Not having a good day... can you listen?OMG s/he is driving me … [more...]

The Trail of Chaos I Left Behind… (02.23.14)

Yes, I spend 432.4% of my time on the Interwebz dilly-dallying and wreaking havoc. Isn't that what single mamas do? We fall apart and lose focus on our life goals & the responsibilities to our … [more...]

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